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Inspire™ Release

Posted on May 15th, 2020 in NEWS

Sleek lines and prefab speed let you design without compromise.

What inspires you? Maybe it’s discovering a new passion. Connecting with something in a way you didn’t expect. Looking at everyday life in a whole new way. No matter how it happens, when inspiration comes, your vision is clear. It’s framed perfectly in your mind.

Oh, so sleek

We’re calling Inspire the cheetah of DIRTT’s suite of glass wall assemblies. It’s nimble. It’s responsive. And, as we said, sleek. A cheetah uses is spots to maintain a low profile. Inspire wears its slim lines in the same way. At just two inches wide, it offers a simple, sophisticated aesthetic. It’s built from the same DNA as the rest of DIRTT’s solutions, which means it seamlessly integrates with existing DIRTT walls.


Move fast when inspiration strikes

When you think of a cheetah, you think speed. And with a 21-day manufacturing lead time, Inspire is fast indeed. And thanks to DIRTT’s DNA, the speed continues on-site. Custom built in our factory, Inspire arrives ready to install. This shaves time off of your construction schedule. It’s also adjustable, so it can easily fit the base building, no matter the space. 


Embrace the future in style

What you might not know about cheetahs is that they have spectacular eyesight. They see things coming a long way off. They anticipate change and react. Because Inspire is a modular solution, it can too. DIRTT solutions are designed to be reconfigured as your needs change. The future can be uncertain, but with Inspire you can be ready for it.

Although it’s our thinnest glass wall ever, Inspire connects with DIRTT’s four-inch wall assembly. This means you’re not just building a space. You’re investing in it. Get the look you crave with the built-in flexibility you need. And it’s more than just adaptive. It’s sustainable too. Adjust. Improve. Evolve. And do it without sending it all to the landfill.


One last fun fact about cheetahs. They don’t roar. They purr. With everything they have going for them, there’s no need for a Cheetah to show off. It doesn’t try to be cool. It just is. What about Inspire? We’ll let you be the judge.


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Photos and Video Credit to DIRTT