Gauzy DIV13 COVID Post Pandemic

Q&A with Gauzy on Interior Construction Post-Pandemic

Posted on October 5th, 2020 in NEWS

Our own VP of Interior Construction, Danette Ferretti, sat down with Gauzy to talk about what to expect with post-pandemic workspaces. Gauzy is a world leading vendor of material science, focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing LCG® (light control glass) technology. As the only company in the world working with two of the three active light control technologies, SPD and PDLC, Gauzy is a true pioneer in its field.

Danette expands on how DIV13 can help provide the next generation of workspaces and how businesses can renovate their physical spaces now to prepare for life after COVID. Please read the article and learn more about Gauzy at the link below:

Q&A with Gauzy on Interior Construction Post-Pandemic

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